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At Home Learning

When embarking on a time of learning from home, our aim is to create a Montessori-based framework that serves our students while supporting parents as we all adapt to a different daily routine. It is important to us that the children’s activity during this time be enjoyable, thoughtful, challenging, and rewarding. Replicating what happens in our classrooms is not something we can achieve during this period. Our goal is to work in collaboration with families to keep alive the culture of learning that is unique to Montessori and provide families with support and activities that match the developmental needs and characteristics of each child in our community.

How do we establish this at home?

The Montessori method is all about the process. While completion of work is important, it is our approach that makes all the difference. Learning is most effective when it is within a greater context. When we connect subjects and concepts, we establish meaning which fuels motivation in students. Above all, we want children to feel connected to their learning, not simply “complete assignments” while at home. Learning together with a sense of exploration, curiosity and discovery results in deeper and more meaningful experiences for children. This instills a great sense of ownership and responsibility for the child. It is important to us that we maintain a feeling of connectedness through this process. We will be in regular contact in a variety of ways and continued communication between teachers and families throughout the 2020-2021 school year.