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Montessori Elementary Grades 1-6

Lower Elementary (ages 6-9) and Upper Elementary (Ages 9-12)

At Redeemer Montessori School, there are two Lower Elementary classrooms and one Upper Elementary classroom.  Children build on their pre-primary foundation moving toward abstract reasoning, developing a moral sense, and striving enthusiastically to learn about the natural and social world.

Our Montessori Elementary programs provide unlimited opportunities for exploration with didactic materials in well-equipped classrooms.  These hands-on experiences allow students to develop advanced problem solving skills.

Redeemer Montessori School’s Elementary Curricula includes: mathematics, geometry, spelling, grammar, reading, history, geography, earth science, zoology, botany, Spanish, keyboarding, art, general science, and music.  The daily schedule is designed with large blocks of uninterrupted time to allow for interdisciplinary connections of knowledge.  Children have the opportunity to work individually or with small groups of children allowing freedom of movement within the classroom.

Elementary students at RMS are not only oriented toward intellectual investigation and discovery, but also toward the building of community.  Through constructive group activities, students learn to solve conflicts peacefully and gain valuable interpersonal skills.  Self-actualization blossoms and understanding deepens as students are afforded the opportunity to learn in multi-aged grouping.

Students take several field trips throughout the year to enhance classroom learning.  Community service work is encouraged as children become aware of how to be contributing citizens to the world.  All Elementary students participate in compassion projects throughout the school year.