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Head of School Welcome


Welcome to Redeemer Montessori School!

At RMS, we fully embrace and are committed to the Montessori philosophy.  In our diverse community, children experience success as they flourish in surroundings of respect and concern.

The staff of credentialed Montessori teachers respects each child’s uniqueness and individual learning styles when planning lessons.  The introduction of new material is determined by individual readiness.  The teacher serves as a resource, guide, helper, assisting in the child’s adventure towards life-long learning.

Maria Montessori’s philosophy of child development and her educational system was the result of extensive study and child observations.  Modern research strongly supports the theory that children learn through interactions with their environment: both with equipment and with people.  In Toddler and Preprimary, the growth of each child is enhanced through a rich variety of hands on activities.  The elementary classes extend experiences and offer interdisciplinary learning with real life applications.

Experiences of each student are developmentally appropriate and form the foundation for critical thinking and the understanding of abstract ideas.  Cooperative experiences take place in multi-age classrooms.  This grouping develops a sense of community and allows younger children to grow through their observations and interactions with the older child’s advanced skills.  Older children gain leadership skills while acting as role models and mentors to the younger children.

RMS is not just a great place for children.  It is a wonderful place for families.  Parent involvement is an important element for school community.  Our families come together throughout the year for celebration, planning, and education.  Optimal learning is facilitated when the child, the parent, and the teacher work together.

We hope that you will have a chance to schedule a tour.  We would love for you to experience our exceptional programs first hand.

Shanon Flowers
Head of School
Redeemer Montessori School